LiveBinders —Gotta Lov’em!

For the past few days, I have been working on severalLiveBinders!

Yep, here they are:

First, I created the “Top Ten Guide to Being A Cyber Hero” LiveBinder, by borrowing from Dave Kapuler’s blog.

Then, I created a “CyberBully” LiveBinder and collaborated with Justin Stallings, we are still working on it.

And then, I created a LiveBinder for one of the classes I am taking this summer at Cleveland State University, and I love it so much, I merged a whole bunch of binders together to create the ultimate Math LiveBinder.

and even more so…LiveBinders has created Public Shelf Binders–A place to store all of your favorite Binders and share them, or keep them to yourself.

Here is my Public Shelf!   I call it Teacher Resources Enjoy!

How to Move Audio Files from iTunes

Do you want to take an audio file (song) from iTunes and use it somewhere else?

User Music Files

User Music Files

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the computer that has iTunes installed on it

2. Log in, and for Windows XP  click on Start>My Computer  (Windows Vista or  7  click Start>Computer)

3. Double click the icon for the C: drive (this is the hard drive of the computer you are using)

4. For Windows XP,  In the C: drive, find the folder named: Documents and Settings

(For Vista/7 You might see a “hidden” Music Folder…Don’t open this one…read on…)

(For Windows XP:  if you can’t see contents of the hard drive, and there is a statement that says: These files are hidden. This folder contains the files that keep your system working properly. You should not modify its contents. But then underneath that warning is a statement: Click here to show the contents of this folderCLICK ON THE WORDS: Click here to show to show the contents of this folder.)

For Windows XP:

5. In the folder Documents and Settings, find your USER name for the computer you are using.

6. Click on your folder

7. In this folder, you will find a Desktop folder, a Favorites folder, a My Documents folder (and others).

8. Click the folder My Documents

9. In the My Documents folder, find the Music folder

10. In the Music Folder, find the iTunes folder

11. In the iTunes folder, you will find all of your music. (Some users may have to go into further folders to locate the songs…but you now you know how to do it!)

12. Depending on the operating system you are running, copy the song to a flash drive, CD drive, external hard drive, etc.

(if you are running Windows XP…a task pane will open on the left side of your screen, follow the prompts to COPY this to folder—DO NOT CHOOSE MOVE! OR YOU WILL LOSE THE SONG FROM THE ORIGINAL FOLDER!

Vista or Windows 7:

5. Double click the Users folder

6. Choose the user name that has the iTunes folder you want to access and double click that folder

7. Find the My Music folder and Double click to open

8. Locate the iTunes folder and Double click to open

9. Double click the iTunes Media folder

10. Double click the Music folder and you should be able to locate all of the music that was download, copied, or storied by that user on iTunes

iTunes folder under the User

iTunes folder under the User

iTunes Media folder

iTunes Media folder

Music folder in the iTunes Media folder

Music folder in the iTunes Media folder

Music folder in the Music folder of the iTunes Media folder

Music folder in the Music folder of the iTunes Media folder

(Remember: Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste, or Ctrl-C (Copy), Ctrl-V (Paste)