Collaboration, Interaction, and the Web

I just love technology, primarily computers and the internet and everything that goes along with it.

A few months ago, I was introduced to LiveBinders…and wow, I was impressed.  So much so, I shared it with several teachers that I work with and many others as well.

I started by creating two “private” binders for myself.  I did not want to make them public until I had it perfect.

…Then I happened onto David Kapuler’s blog post, and David had created a wiki with a “Top Ten” list of websites for teachers to use in the classroom.  Many people were impressed by this.

So late last night on 6/17, I began working on a LiveBinder of David’s Top Ten.  After I had created a few tabs, I emailed David a link to the binder, asking his permission, and hoping that I did not step on his toes.

Well, David thought the idea was grand and I do too.  It took several hours to create the whole binder.  In fact, I started working on it again at 3:30 pm  on 6/18…I finished it @ 11 pm.

I am sure that I will be adding several more tabs in the future, but feel free to tell David and I what you think.

This is true collaboration at its best.  Just what the web was intended for, interacting, working together, to create a beautiful thing.

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