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It has come to my attention that everyone who visits my pages on “Installing Android OS onto mini Netbook” does not peruse all of the posts on the subject…for this installation you must  read all of the posts – as some of the files no longer exist, but I do point out where to find the downloads!

You see, I have 8 different posts on how to”Install Android OS on mini netbook”  Wow, 8 –funny, I had no idea :)

If you look closely CATEGORIES accompany every page.  So if you are looking for a specific category on this blog, search no further…for those interested in installing Android, I have created a category just for you so that you can see all 8 posts in one spot!

When you click on one Category…all of the blogs associated with that category pop up all in one place!  Yahhhooooo.

And don’t forget, you can use this search on any other blog too…that is if the author created Categories for their blogs!

Let me know if this helps.

Screen Shot pointing out Category "Android OS"

Screen Shot pointing out Category “Android OS”

For those of you who like different operating systems –especially for netbooks,  I have been introduced to this new install:


The above  file is called: New Life



It is a RAR file, so in order to open the above file download— use this from CNET downloads:  (it’s free!)



Let me know how it goes.


Don’t forget — Join the Sylvania Smartbook/Netbook group on Yahoo groups…they always have links to files and OS.



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As a teacher, I think anyone in the education field should read “The Tipping Point”. In fact, I think even those who have their hands in education, like parents and politicians should read it too.

Why? Because if you read it with education in mind, then those who created No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Common Core, would understand that that these ideas/mandates do not really help the issue. That a one-size fits all kind of attitude does not work, but that these mandates should be treated as roll-outs or instituted into increments.

Because according to Gladwell, if it is done in stages or with a few strategically placed Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen using the most “simplistic, obvious solution” that our education retention, (ending dropouts), growth (competing in the global world), and reach (3rd grade reading requirement), would have a much larger impact.

I think that if we could get our parents on board (Connectors) with the teachers (Mavens), that the administration (Salesmen) would have a larger impact on how we educate our children today.

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